Tooth Decay & Repair

Tooth decay is a common affliction all around the world, not just in Santa Clarita, CA – millions and millions of people have tooth decay and cavities and eventually have to have root canals and sometimes their teeth pulled. In fact, it is not a condition that is limited to adults – it is common in many children and teenagers as well. It happens when the tooth enamel – top layer – gets destroyed exposing the inner layers and eventually the nerves. It can be very painful and that is why some people choose to have the affected teeth removed.

What causes tooth decay?

We have all heard that sugar rots our teeth; eat too many sweets and eventually you will suffer tooth decay. While this is true, it is better to try and better understand the root causes of tooth decay. Dr. Weston Price, who travelled around the world visiting different communities and trying to establish what causes tooth decay, found out something very interesting – indigenous tribes that had not been exposed to a Western diet suffered little tooth decay if any. Most of them had teeth that were in good health. But after as they were exposed to Western foods, mainly those that contained refined carbohydrates that contained sugars and starches their teeth started to decay. He was able to conclude that it is exposure to these carbohydrates that leads to tooth decay.

The problem is that these things are so much a part of our lives in Santa Clarita, CA. It is not unusual for people to consume liters of soda in one day and eat a whole bunch of processed foods that contain sugar and starch. If you really want to prevent tooth decay you should cut out all the things that contain sugar as well as processed carbohydrates. You should replace them with whole foods that are much healthier not just for your teeth but for your overall health as well. In fact, if you are overweight and cut off these things from your diet you will start to lose weight.

There are other reasons that you are having tooth decay:

  • Lack of the right minerals in the diet – you need to have calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in your diet in order to have healthy teeth. You can get these minerals from a diet that contains a lot of vegetables.
  • Lack of Vitamins A,D,E and K. People who are especially deficient in Vitamin D are more prone to tooth decay.
  • People who eat too many foods that contain Phytic acid – foods such as oatmeal promote tooth decay.

Can you treat tooth decay naturally?

You have noticed that some of your teeth are starting to decay and are wondering whether there is anything that you can do to stop the process. As a matter of fact there are several things that you can do. The first of course is to cut out sugar and processed carbohydrates from your diet. Many people, even when they think that they are reducing their sugar and processed carbs consumption, still end up consuming it because they don’t know which foods contain them.

About 80% of all food that is found in the supermarket contains sugar and/or processed carbohydrates. This means that as much as possible you should stick to the produce, dairy and butchery isles. These 3 contain all the nutrients that you need for healthy teeth and a healthy body. For snacks try eating fruits or nuts. Some foods that are healthy for you, such as oatmeal, contain Phytic acid so you should eat them in limitation.

What can your Santa Clarita, CA dentist do about tooth decay?

If you go to the dentist when you notice early signs of tooth decay in your or your child they can stop it by increasing your fluoride quantities. Fluoride prevents any further mineral loss and also replaces those that have already been lost. Additionally, it stops oral bacteria from making acid which eats away at your teeth. He will give you a special fluoride toothpaste that you are supposed to use 3 times a day. He can also apply a fluoride or varnish, give you fluoride tablets or a fluoride rinse.

Sometimes people allow tooth decay to go on for so long that they become painful. This is common especially in molars. In such a case your dentist has to fill the hole that has developed in the tooth using a root canal procedure. This involves him giving you a local anesthetic to dull the area near the tooth. He then places a rubber dam around it and makes an opening in the tooth through which he can reach the root. He cleans the pulp inside the pulp through this opening and also enlarges the root canal. He then seals the hole that he has just created with either temporary or permanent sealant.

As you may imagine, this can be quite a detailed and sometime painful procedure. You don’t have to go through it if you take steps right away to ensure that you stop tooth decay in its tracks.