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Mark Poitras along with all of his staff are amazing! When I was younger I had bad experiences with the dentist which resulted in me straying away from them. When I found Mark Poitras' office my opinion changed! I went in to have one wisdom tooth pulled and felt no pain whatsoever! I never felt pain with the shots not with the extraction. The next day they called to make sure I was okay and answered all the questions I had. This is the most amazing dentist I have ever been to!

Meredith J.
I had a huge fear of dentistry resulting from frightening and painful dentistry experiences as a child. Dr. Poitras has a very gentle touch and kind personality. I highly recommend Dr. Poitras to all of you dental-phobic people out there in Yelpland.

Andrea Q.
I gave Dr. Poitras a shot since there office is in such close proximity of where I work. I'll have to say I didn't feel rushed, everyone took the time and explained to me what they were doing and why they were doing it. I felt like it was a very through exam. hey didn't quote me for unnecessary things as I've had done in the past. I did however inquire about Invisalign and they answered all my questions. As a matter of fact after the wisdom teeth get pulled I'll be back in to get my Invisalign 🙂

Erin M.