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Seek Relief from Dental Problems like TMJ

A variety of different conditions can cause tension and headaches, but one of the major ones is actually dental-related.

Some examples of what causes tension and headaches includes:

  • Bite Misalignment: When your teeth are improperly aligned, it can cause tension in the temples due to your jaw muscles being unable to fully relax. When you don’t relax your jaw muscle enough in between biting, the excess tension in the muscles in your head create too much lactic acid. This can build up and eventually create headaches and tension. It’s a fact that not very many people have teeth that are perfectly aligned. There’s often variation that makes it so your teeth are a bit crooked or that have some overlap.
  • TMJ: Another reason why tension happens is because of TMJ. This is related to misalignment, and it can also make misalignment worse. One of the causes of the issue is grinding too much. You grind your teeth at night, which causes more and more misalignment throughout your life. The lack of relaxing jaw muscles creates tension in your head, just like with normal misalignment, though it can get worse and worse and cause all sorts of other problems in the process as well.

Procedures for Fixing Tension and Headaches

A mouth guard can help fix grinding and teeth wear as you chew on the actual mouthguard material rather than your teeth, as this can push them out of alignment. This approach can also help you realign your jaw by making it so that when you wear the guard the position forces your jaw back into the right alignment.

Chewing on the mouth guard instead of your actual teeth is important for helping to reduce damage to your jaw muscle and to your alignment. Once your jaw is back in alignment, your tension headaches will likely go away. This is because your muscle will actually be able to relax in between usage. This way the muscle won’t strain and your headache will eventually subside.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

Generally the dentist will have you bite down on a special mold that’s been heated up to make it malleable. The mold is then cooled and sent to a dental laboratory to fabricate a device that you can sleep with at night. The right type may be able to help you realign your jaw in order to help slowly reverse jaw muscle strain since you will then be able to relax properly in between usage.

But at the least, you will be able to prevent grinding and causing additional strain and damage since you’ll be chewing on the plastic and not grinding your teeth.

Other Potential Causes of Tension and Headaches

Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause tension or headaches. Wisdom teeth that grow in sideway put strain and pressure on your jaw, and depending on how badly they are impacted, they might need to be removed. This procedure is surgery, and you will need to often prepare by not eating or drinking before the procedure. Without wisdom teeth extraction, your headaches will likely become worse over time until it is unbearable. It could feel simply like a minor tension headache.

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