Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country & Santa Clarita is provided by Dr. Mark A. Poitras. Sedation dentistry is a great method to help people who have a lot of trouble with dental procedures in the Santa Clarita Valley area including Valencia, Newhall, and Canyon Country. This is because the procedure is specifically designed to help those who have anxiety.

Dental Anxiety Issues

Some statistics state that a huge amount of the population experiences anxiety when it comes to dealing with dental procedures. This is a non-trivial issue. Some people simply can’t relax when it comes time to get their teeth worked on. This is a problem for a number of different reasons. For example, if you can’t relax properly when the procedures on your teeth occur, then you can’t really give the dentist ideal conditions for working on your teeth in general. This is obviously all on top o the problems of just feeling anxiety. Stress is a killer phenomenon and it can negatively affect every single part of your life.

What Is Sedation Dentistry and How Does It Work?

Sedation dentistry addresses this problem by putting you asleep during procedures. You will basically go under anesthesia in order to avoid the problem. Some people panic when they are at the dental office and have major attacks. Sedation dentistry is an alternative to this. Essentially, you go in the morning and have someone trained in the procedure put you out with anesthesia.

Then, people will work on you throughout the day. Any procedures that you need to be done, such as cavities being filled, root canals, cosmetic dentistry or anything else, can all be accomplished as you sleep throughout the day. Then, you wake up and everything is finished. This is an advantage because then you don’t have to deal with the stress of being awake during those procedures.

Sedation Dentistry in Valencia, Newhall & Canyon Country serving the Santa Clarita Valley.

“There are so many misconceptions about dental care, and a lot of patients have outdated ideas about what is available to them. I like to help educate my patients about all of their options.” – Mark A. Poitras, DDS

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has a number of benefits. The main one, of course, is that you don’t have to be awake during dental procedures. If you can’t make yourself go to the office because you are far too stressed out, sedation dentistry is a major advantage in this way. All of the stress is gone. You can go in the morning and then wake up at night, with everything finished and no stress added to your mind.

For some people, this may be literally the only way they can get the procedures done. So, this is a major advantage for that reason. Another advantage is that it can often be a time advantage. The advantage here is that you can get the procedures done all at once instead of stretching them out over the course of many hours and days. Instead, you can have one done after another until you’re just finished with everything.

This is also an advantage in terms of scheduling. You can make it so that you only give up one day in order to have everything accomplished. You don’t have to waste any more time on the procedures then you would like to spend on them. Almost everyone can handle the giving up of a single day for dentistry.

sedation dentistry in valenciaHow Should You Prepare for the Procedure?

The procedure is obviously going to vary from one person to another depending on where you go for your procedure as well as your particular situation. Some people have bodies that can handle being under longer than others, for example, depending on the particular details. In general, the dentist will often want you to not eat or drink before the procedure so that you don’t throw up during the work. It’s also often required that you set it up so that you have someone to bring you to the office ahead of time and then come pick you up afterward.

Generally speaking, they really don’t want you to drive yourself because the anesthesia can be pretty intense and make driving rather difficult.

Other Important Details

Other important details you should know about sedation dentistry is that it’s definitely a specialization. You can’t just go to absolutely any dentist and get the procedure done. They have to have been trained in doing this ahead of time. This often requires considerable schooling, especially since this is a rather new discipline.

Another important thing to note is that people need to make sure that there is an anesthesiologist on hand at the office. This is one of the reasons why dentist offices tend to specialize in this. You need all of the right factors in place to be able to accomplish it. This is important to check for ahead of time.

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Will It Help Me?

For those who experience extreme distress upon going to the dentist’s office, sedation dentistry could definitely be a rather serious boon for you. It’s no fun to spend that much time worrying about a single procedure over the course of weeks or months. Being able to go under and then wake up with everything done can be a great comfort.