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Tooth Decay Repair

Diagram of a tooth with decayTooth decay is a common affliction all around the world. Millions of people have tooth decay and cavities, that left untreated, leads to the need for a root canal or even a tooth extraction. It happens when the tooth enamel – top layer – gets destroyed exposing the inner layers and eventually the nerves. It can be very painful and that is why some people choose to have the affected teeth removed.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

We have all heard that sugar rots our teeth – eat too many sweets and eventually, your teeth will decay. While this is true, it is better to try and better understand the root causes of tooth decay. Prominent dentists theorize eating too many sugary and/or carbohydrate-laden foods leads to tooth decay.

There are other reasons that you are having tooth decay:
•  Lack of minerals in your diet: You need to have calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in your diet in order to have healthy teeth. You can get these minerals from a diet that contains a lot of vegetables.
•  Lack of Vitamins A, D,E and K. People who are especially deficient in Vitamin D are more prone to tooth decay.
•  Eating too much acidic food: People who eat too many foods that contain acid can strip enamel over time.

Tooth Decay Repair in Valencia

If you go to the dentist when you notice early signs of tooth decay in you or your child, they can stop it by increasing their fluoride intake. Fluoride prevents any further mineral loss and also replaces those that have already been lost. Additionally, it stops oral bacteria from making acid which eats away at your teeth. Our dentist will give you a prescription fluoride toothpaste you should use 3 times a day, and you may also apply a fluoride varnish or use fluoride tablets or a fluoride rinse.

What Is a Root Canal?

Sometimes people allow tooth decay to go on for so long that it becomes painful. This is common, especially in molars. In such a case your dentist has to fill the hole that has developed in the tooth using a root canal procedure. This involves him giving you a local anesthetic to dull the area near the tooth. He then places a rubber dam around it and makes an opening in the tooth through which he can reach the root. He cleans the pulp inside the tooth through this opening and also enlarges the root canal. He then seals the hole that he has just created with either temporary or permanent sealant.

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