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Oral Surgery

Diagram of a dental implantAt Copper Canyon Dentistry, our Valencia oral surgeon offers many types of oral surgeries that address issues from tooth extraction to root canals and dental implant surgery.

Some of the oral surgeries we offer include:
•  Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal: Wisdom teeth often come into your mouth when you’re in your teens or 20s. While many wisdom teeth can be extracted just like other teeth that have erupted past the gum, impacted wisdom teeth require an oral surgeon. They come in long after all of your other teeth have come in. In many cases, this isn’t a problem. However, if you have impacted wisdom teeth, this means that one or more of your teeth are coming in at an angle that pushes on the other teeth, which causes considerable pain. Oral surgery to correct impacted wisdom teeth is usually pretty straightforward. First, an x-ray will be taken to identify the problem. During the surgery, your dentist will make incisions into the gums to remove the wisdom teeth.
•  Dental Implant Surgery: Another common type is installing dental implants to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. This makes your teeth functional and aesthetically pleasing, as it shouldn’t be obvious you have a crown (the crown that attaches to your natural teeth).
•  Sleep Apnea Surgery: When you go to sleep at night, your throat muscles often relax and close up a bit. People who have sleep apnea are at risk for these muscles causing the throat airway to close up entirely. This is often a problem since you will wake yourself up many times throughout the night. In many cases, there are non-surgical ways of solving this issue. For example, you can get special mouthguards that make sure that your mouth stays open at night so that you can sleep normally and breathe normally through the airway that normally closes due to your apnea. Another common option is to use a device that essentially pumps air into your nose in order to make sure that your airway stays and remains open throughout the night. There are even some digital solutions to this problem. Surgery will often be attempted only if the other methods have been tried and were found to not be effective. An example of this type of surgery is when soft tissues at the back of the mouth are taken out in order to create a larger area for the patient to breathe through. Sometimes tissue is taken from the lower jaw as well.

Interested in learning more about oral surgery in Valencia? Please call us at Copper Canyon Dentistry by dialing 661-554-3777.
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