Orthodontics in Valencia

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on realigning the teeth. It involves procedures for moving or straightening the teeth to improve their appearance and functioning. Orthodontics also entails the treatment and regulation of several aspects of facial growth and jaw development by spreading the bite pressure all over the teeth. The appliance placed on teeth to push them back to their proper position in the mouth is commonly known as braces, which may be fixed or removable.

An orthodontic treatment is best performed by an orthodontist. He or she is not only a dentist but also an oral surgeon who has completed 2 to 4 years of specialized education after the regular dentistry course. Further, he or she should be board certified and licensed in Santa Clarita, CA.

Who Should Get an Orthodontic Treatment?

Whereas a regular dental check-up is a must for everyone, orthodontic treatment is not necessarily for all. Orthodontic treatment is especially recommended for individuals with crowded or crooked teeth. It is also for those who have their upper front teeth sticking out making it hard to keep the lips closed. If not put back into line, these teeth are likely to be damaged sooner or later. Those who have their upper and lower jaw not meeting correctly can have their teeth looking unsightly. They, too, will need to wear braces.

Orthodontics in Santa Clarita, CA will work on both children and adults. Nevertheless, it is better to start it at an earlier age. The children will have to wait for enough teeth to come through before they are allowed to have braces, which usually happens when they are 12 or older.

How does it Work?

Metal or ceramic pieces called brackets are placed on each tooth. They stick on the tooth through an adhesive material called metal band. An arch wire is inserted from bracket to bracket and is adjusted accordingly to put pressure on the teeth. The colored elastic called the O-ring attaches the arch wire onto the brackets. The arch wire exerts constant force on the teeth causing them to move over time into their proper places.

Before the braces are placed on the teeth, the dentist will first get your full medical and dental history. You will also be evaluated for your suitability to have braces. Next to that is the taking of x-rays of your teeth and jaw from different angels. Using the results the x-ray, the orthodontist will create plaster models of the teeth to be used for determining the areas of the teeth that need fixing.

Benefits of Getting Braces

There are multifarious benefits to having an orthodontic treatment, and they go beyond the fact of simply having straight teeth. Some of them are as follows:

  • Beautiful smile. Being able to smile without being conscious about how you would look is a big deal for many of us. Crooked teeth is one major problem that can hold you back from showing others how glad you are. Getting braces from Santa Clarita, CA can make your teeth look good no matter how you move your mouth.
  • Improved self-esteem. Misaligned teeth can result in inferiority complex. It can make you feel less good about yourself. This can affect the way your present yourself to other people, and lead to poor social skills. An orthodontic treatment can give you back the confidence that you have been missing because of your teeth.
  • Correct bite. Incorrect bite can put troublesome pressure on the muscles of your jaw and result in headaches and joint problems. It also causes your teeth to tear easily. An orthodontic treatment can help correct your bite pattern and keep your teeth from potential damages.

How to Prepare for an Orthodontic Treatment

  • Check-up. Your teeth will be checked for decay or gum problems. These will have to be remedied before the braces are placed. You may also expect to have a healthy teeth removed so that there will be enough spaces for the rest of your teeth to move.
  • Treatment plan. After all important records and x-rays have been taken, the orthodontist will discuss treatment plan and the type of braces that are most suitable for your condition.
  • Separators. The orthodontist will put separators in between your molars a week before the braces are placed. This will create spaces for the molar bands.
  • Main event. This is the time when the orthodontist will actually put the braces on your teeth. Expect to feel some discomfort during the first couple of days or so. You may only be able to eat soup or soft food.

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You will be required to see the orthodontist every four weeks while the braces are on. During each visit, the orthodontist will clean your teeth, readjust the arch wire, and replace the elastics. The orthodontic usually lasts for an average of 2 to 3 years. The treatment can get longer if you fail to visit your orthodontist regularly on schedules.