One common problem that people have in Santa Clarita, CA, and elsewhere is grinding their teeth at night. This is a problem for a handful of reasons. Here’s a bit about this problem including dental procedures you can go in for in order to take care of it and relieve your symptoms.

The Problem with Teeth Grinding

The reason why nightguards are so important is because they help to mitigate night time teeth grinding. During the day, you can control your habit of grinding your teeth when you’re nervous. At night, you don’t have this kind of control while you are sleeping. Some people just do this no matter what.

There is no reason to guard against it besides getting a night guard. The reason why teeth grinding at night is a problem is because it can have a lot of negative side effects. For one thing, for example, when you grind your teeth you put stress on the gums underneath your teeth. This can cause them to become swollen and to hurt when you wake up during the day. You can then have some trouble with chewing food.

In addition, grinding your teeth can wear down the surface of your teeth over time. You will end up with more dental problems as a result.

Biggest Dangers from Teeth Grinding

Some of the biggest dangers that can occur if you grind your teeth too much, however, have to do with misalignment. By grinding your teeth and stressing the jaw muscle too much, you can end up with your muscle becoming out of alignment so that you don’t bite down correctly.

This also has the side effect of making it so that your jaw muscle is always working. The muscle in your jaw is a muscle just like any other muscle in your body. It can become strained, it can become overtired, it can wear out. When this happens, you can get all sorts of bad things happening as a result. For example, night grinding is one of the causes of tension headaches. You can have it so that your muscle is strained which puts pressure on your head, and before long you have a headache. The only way to get rid of tension headaches is to make sure that you don’t grind so much anymore so that the muscle can relax and you can then properly heal.

What Procedures Are Involved?

The main thing that’s important when it comes to a night guard is getting it custom designed. For this, you have to go to the dentist’s office. The reason why this is so important is because this it the absolute best way to ensure that the guard is comfortable and offers you the most protection while you sleep. You don’t want a night guard to block your breathing while you sleep because this could lead to you not waking up well rested and other potentially dangerous problems regarding your breathing and cardiovascular system. In other words, it could cause heart problems.

Once you get to the dentist, they will take a mold of your mouth. There are a number of different guards you can get molds for including heavy, moderate, or soft. There’s even one for day grinding too if this happens to be a problem that you have. The important thing is that the dentist set the mold in your mouth properly in order to get as accurate of a mold as humanly possible.

Once the mold is made, it’s set off to a dental lab to actually make your custom guard. Then, you simply put the guard in your mouth at night and you grind on that instead of on your teeth. This prevents your jaw from getting out of alignment through all the grinding at night. While it’s true that you can technically get a night guard from the store, it’s probably going to be a generic one that could very well not fit your mouth especially well. You really don’t want to have to worry about it not working or not being comfortable enough or a good enough fit.

The same thing applies to other guards like the so-called “bite and boil” guards. Doing the procedure on your own is just not going to give you anywhere near the level of accuracy that you’re going to get with a guard that is molded through the efforts of an experienced dentist.

Other Info About the Procedure

You don’t really have to do very much to prepare for the procedure in most circumstances, although obviously it’s important to listen to your dentist in case there actually is anything that you need to do. Generally you just need to make sure your mouth is clean when you go in so that the mold taken is completely accurate of your actual teeth and not thrown off by any kind of junk in your mouth.

It’s worthwhile to go out today and find  a dentist in the Santa Clarita, CA, area.