If you have issues with your teeth being crooked for whatever reason in the Santa Clarita, CA, area, one way to fix the issue is with something called Invisalign. This product has several advantages over more traditional ways of correcting teeth alignment.

What Is Invisalign?

When it comes to most traditional ways of correcting your teeth alignment, the problem is that the means by which you fix the problem are often really obvious. If you’re correcting crooked teeth for aesthetic reasons, then you’re really not going to want to wear really obvious stuff all the time.

Large metal braces are one of the traditional ways of correcting misaligned teeth, for example. But if you walk around wearing this, then everyone around you is going to know what you’re wearing it.

Invisalign uses new material technology to correct your teeth alignment in a completely invisible fashion. The tray is largely invisible since it’s completely clear. It’s true that you have to keep cleaning them out in order to make sure that they remain safe, but you really don’t have to do much else. There are many plus sides to using these trays beyond just the aesthetic, however.


One problem with braces is that you have this problem where the braces are stuck on your teeth permanently while wearing them. You can’t take them off if you’d rather not have them on for whatever reason. You can’t chew gum the entire time that you have braces, for example.

But when it comes to Invisalign, it’s perfectly OK in most circumstances to take the braces off when you want to eat. You aren’t stuck with them in the long run. You also don’t really have to go back into the dentist as much as you do with braces.

The braces approach meant that you constantly had to mess around with tightening wires and making sure that everything worked out there. There are no wires to tighten when it comes to Invisalign. In addition, it’s important to note that another benefit is that Invisalign is completely clear and smooth.

There aren’t a lot of extra metallic bumps on your teeth like with braces. The tightening sessions with braces can also be a bit uncomfortable.

When it comes to Invisalign, you have the advantage of making it so that your teeth are corrected slowly over time. The approach is a lot more gentle than it often is without options for correcting your teeth alignment. If you ever need to change the alignment strategy due to growth or for any other reason, it’s also trivially easy to take out the set you have now and put another set in its place instead.

In fact, many approaches to this just have you putting in new sets every 2 weeks or so. This makes for as comfortable a transition to aligning your teeth as is currently available to anyone. Since the set is completely invisible, no one will ever even know that you’re doing an adjustment. You can obviate the need to tell the whole world that you’re adjusting your teeth entirely.

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Going for the Procedure

The preparation you have to make for getting this done is usually minimal. The main thing is going into a dentist to doublecheck that you’re a candidate for it. This will depend on many different factors such as the nature of your misalignment and so on. Once the dentist determines that they can make a set for you, you can sign up for coming in and doing it.

invisalign in valenciaGenerally, they will have to make a model of your teeth one way or another. This is usually easy enough to do and the exact way to do it will really depend on the office. Some office may be able to handle this for you simply by using a special scanning device in 3D. Often though, you will have to go in for a mold in order for the dentist to have a model of your teeth that can then be used to create a custom mold for the Invisalign procedure.

At the end of the day, you’ll end up with a tray that will help you to correct your misaligned teeth with a maximum amount of ease and comfort.

Changing the way your smile looks can have a large positive effect on how you feel about yourself in general. It’s a major boon for you. This is even beyond the effects it has on your general dental health.

Teeth misalignment can be a serious issue in terms of how it affects your whole head. You can end up with tension headaches if you let your teeth get too far out of alignment. This is because if your teeth are misaligned, then your jaw might end up working the muscle constantly more or less, making it so that your muscle is never relaxed ever. As a result, you will never be able to do anything about the headaches that you get otherwise.

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