Needing dental work is something most of us will run into at some point. Many issues can come up with teeth that make it a need to go to the dentist and get some care. Some of the most common reasons to visit the dentist are cavities, toothaches, cleanings, and tooth extraction. These things happen to millions of people every single year and why there are times that visiting the dentist it seems that the lobbies are filled with waiting patients. A procedure that many need is to get fitted for dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are often called false teeth. They are actually prosthetics that are made especially for replacing teeth that have been extracted or lost. The dentist and labs work to design the prosthetic device to fit the individual’s mouth and tooth structure as completely as possible. They are made of materials that are right for fitting in the mouth and aligning with the jaw structure of the person. The teeth are made to work as proper teeth and will work for talking, chewing, and look structurally sound.

There are some made as partial dentures which are meant to replace only a few teeth. Others are made to replace a full set of teeth or all of the upper or lower set. The dentist will generally have the patient come in for a full exam and x-rays. They will get all information needed to prepare for the procedure and order the right prosthetic device for the mouth.

How Do Dentures Work?

The dentist in Santa Clarita, CA will fit the dentures into the mouth when they are prepared by the lab. Once they are installed in the mouth, the patient will be given instructions on how to maintain them and get used to them. Some patients will have to get used to the new prosthetics and practice chewing and talking with them. It can be quite a change and it often takes a bit of time.

The good news is that dentures work very well to replace missing teeth and give a person a better overall look and ability. Some that have been missing teeth haven’t been able to eat harder, denser foods in a long time. The prosthetics allow many to gain more function when eating denser foods and speak a bit more clearly once they get used to them.

What are The Benefits of Dentures?

The benefits of dentures can be many if the dentist does a good job at constructing them to the structure of the jaw and mouth. They should be made with extensive x-rays and careful fitting of the dentist. Once installed the patient will be able to begin learning how to talk and chew with their new prosthetics. There are instructions that will be given to make this transition smoother and to help get used to them.

One of the most notable benefits of dentures is that they can make a person feel better about themselves. People missing teeth in the front of their mouth when they smile often don’t feel confident when they smile. Getting dentures can restore the smile and give a person better self-esteem and confidence. This is a huge benefit that can make the procedure worth it all by itself.

Other great benefits are the ability to eat denser foods like steak or chicken again. People missing certain teeth have a hard time eating these foods. Those missing many teeth sometimes have to eat only soft foods. This would no longer be a problem if dentures are installed. Being able to eat some of their favorite foods is one of the top benefits of getting the prosthetic device.

The benefit of being able to talk more clearly is another good benefit that people notice once they get theirs installed. Missing certain teeth or many teeth can make it difficult to pronounce certain words and it can be quite upsetting and frustrating. Once a patient gets used to their prosthetic teeth and practices speaking with them the words begin to be spoken more clearly and properly.

Preparing for Dentures in Santa Clarita, CA

If you decide that you want to get them installed it is important to contact a local dentist that does the procedure. Many of them will advertise this service as part of their practice. It is important to let the office know that you are coming in for a denture exam. They will let you know what to bring and how to prepare for the exam in office.

The dentist will check the status of the jaw, the gums, and the missing teeth. They will also look at remaining teeth and see if they are stable and healthy. There may need to be extractions done if any teeth are found to be too unhealthy. After evaluating the gums and supporting structure of the jaw the dentist will make an impression of the gum line. This is so the dentures will be made to fit every bit of the unique jaw structure of an individual for a perfect fit.