The Next Best Thing to the Real Thing: Dental Implants

Dental implantWhen it comes to tooth replacement, we live in a good time. Whether a single tooth has been lost, or a slippery denture is causing you trouble, dental implant technology has the problem covered.

Education counts: Education is very important-Dr. Poitras is a fellow of the International Congress of Implantologist-a distinguished designation for those who have completed rigorous, thorough education from a world-renowned educator and doctor.

Experience is a must: A lot of planning and preliminary evaluation goes into the procedure-its surgery after all-so the patient considering implants should seek out experience. Dr. Poitras has been successfully placing implants for years.

For the right patient: Implants are stable, safe, and successful alternative to removable bridges and the average denture for the right patient-healthy bone, healthy remaining teeth, and tissue, healthy body. Even if you check all the boxes, implants also require you to be truly motivated in the first place. Implant surgery spans time for pre-operative preparation, implant placement (surgery), a time period for healing, and finally the restorative phase. Not only that, just like natural teeth, implants need patience and TLC-good oral hygiene and at-home care and routine dental exams and hygiene visits.

Ask around. See if any of your friends or family have dental implants. You might be surprised at how many people you know who do. And how frequently those same people sing the praises of dental implants: good looks, real chewing, and a renewed sense of energy.

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from missing out!