The Masculine Smile

Son on father's shouldersWith Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to discuss the men out there…and their smile. Men are coming around to cosmetic dentistry. The realization has dawned that good-looking, healthier teeth open doors, whether you are the foreman on a construction site or the CEO in the boardroom.

For good reason, nearly one-third of patients seeking cosmetic dental care today are men. It follows that stained, missing, or misaligned teeth conflict with the image you are trying to portray-no matter how buff you are.

Given that premise, the dentist should consider your personal needs, and your sex. If you have come for the repair of a chipped front tooth, you may be surprised to know there are restorative details related to your gender. So-called “male teeth” are boxier, more prominent, with “bold” cusps. With bonding, that masculine look can quite literally be built right in. You would be amazed at the process of lengthening front teeth, and the loss of years on your appearance. Discoloration can be lessened-or masked all together-with in-office ZOOM! Whitening, resin (tooth color) bonding, or veneers.

Men are doing more dentistry-pursing what women have been for the years-an appearance of vitality that tells the world:

  • I care about my appearance.
  • I care about my health.
  • I care about myself.