Athletic Mouth Guards

athletic mouth guards

Regardless of what type of athletic activity you’re involved in, chances are good you’re going to want to protect your mouth and teeth. Here are a few reasons why this is important, including how you can get this done.

The Importance of Protection

The key here is to protect your teeth from any kind of trauma being done to your head. When your head is struck by anything, whether it’s the ground, the side of a rock wall, a person, a football, or anything else, you’re teeth are going to rattle. They aren’t connected to your head as solidly as the rest of that area, and if you don’t wear a guard, they could get injured or even get knocked out.

The guard makes sure that all of your teeth remain snug and tight against your head so that your head moves as one unit without having your teeth being left behind when you’re struck.

How Does a Custom Guard Procedure Work?

One type of guard is the custom-made guard for the mouth. You have to get this made by going down to a dentist office or by going to a laboratory or other area where the customization can be done.

They will then be able to mold the guard to your mouth specifically. If you do the procedure this way, the guard will be the most comfortable it possibly can be and provide the best protection for your mouth during athletic events.  If you have any plans to doing serious athletic events, this is definitely the type of guard that you should go for. After making a model of your teeth, the dentist will use the model to construct a guard to go over them specifically.

It’s true that doing it this way is going to be a bit more expensive, but it’s absolutely the best way to go if you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and that you have maximum protection and a good fit where the guard isn’t going to pop out as often.

The need for guards is going to vary based on the sport, of course. Any type of fighting sport such as boxing is going to be absolutely essential that you have a mouth, guard. This is because blows to the head are all but inevitable. Any sport where you might slip and fall a lot such as skating might make a guard a good idea as well, however. Football is another example where blows to the head are likely, either because you get tackled a lot, or because you fall or tackle other people.

There are other ways to get mouth guards as well, of course. For example, some types that you can buy at the store are called ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards. They are formed in their shape ahead of time, but you can alter this shape by boiling them in water and then biting on them in order to make the impression. You can buy these online or at just about any sports store. The problem is, these aren’t nearly as effective as the guards that you get at a dentist’s office. It may even be dangerous to do it this way if you don’t get a guard that’s fitted to you well enough. If there’s any kind of give in the guard, your teeth could rattle or even come loose. This is also true of guards that are the stock kind.


The main benefit to getting this dental procedure done for a custom guard is that your teeth won’t fire out of your head when receiving blows to the head. Instead, your teeth and lip will remain protected. Because. If you get punched in the mouth without a guard, sometimes the blow will knock your lip against your teeth, which could make you bleed, even splitting your lip.

This could also help reduce anxiety since you won’t be as worried about losing the guard if you receive a blow. You might also be less worried about your teeth being broken if you were previously going without a guard altogether.

What to Expect

The procedure to take a mold of your mouth is rather straight forward for the most part and doesn’t really require all that much in terms of preparation. It is important that you come back in if you get a custom mold while still developing in the early stages of life, however. This is because your teeth can continue to develop and you can end up with them being substantially different over time. This requires a new guard. It’s also good to get a new guard since they wear down over time as well.

This is why it’s a good idea to look for a dentist that can make you a custom guard in Santa Clarita, CA. The quality of the dentist does matter since taking a good mold requires a lot of care.