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If you have trouble with snoring in the Santa Clarita Valley area (Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country & Saugus), then one thing you can do is go to a sleep apnea dentist that can provide you some relief.

Here’s some information about snoring in addition to the benefits of seeking relief from your dentist.


Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is annoying all on its own, it’s true. However, it’s also true that sometimes, if you’re a person that snores a lot, it could be more than this.

There’s a condition called “sleep apnea” which means that your breathing slows down or is even interrupted due to relaxing throat muscles and other problems in your mouth related to your teeth or other oral fixtures.

This can causing loud snoring, but it can also cause potential serious medical problems.


What is the Ant-Snoring Device?

There are many different devices that help combat snoring, but a good example of one includes a mouth guard that fits over your teeth.

This helps to adjust your mouth properly to make sure that air gets in and out the way it’s supposed to while you’re sleeping.

Snoring is often caused due to obstructions in your mouth, teeth, tongue and other parts of your pallet and other structures that get in the way. A guard is often the best way to treat snoring.


Sleep Apnea Dentist & Anti-Snoring Devices in Canyon Country, Valencia & Newhall  serving the Santa Clarita Valley.

“There are so many misconceptions about dental care, and a lot of patients have outdated ideas about what is available to them. I like to help educate my patients about all of their options.” – Mark A. Poitras, DDS


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How Does the Procedure Work?

In order for the device to work, it has to first be calibrated to you specifically. This is usually done in a variety of different ways. For example, one common way to accomplish this is to put the device in your mouth after it’s been heated up a it.

You will then bite down on the device which will make impressions into the soft material of the device. After you’ve done the biting down part, when the device is removed, you’ll be able to see a perfect impression of all of the different parts of your mouth affected.

You can see individual teeth in the shape of your mouth. The device can then be adjusted to push your mouth and other structures into the position that ensures that air will get out.

The key part of this procedure is to make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible to place the device in your mouth.

Most devices can’t absolutely guarantee the effectiveness of eliminating your snoring, but chances are good that this will do the trick. In many cases it may be adjustable in the chair in order to fix it a bit later on if it doesn’t work to help your snoring initially.

The Key Part of the Procedure

What the device does specifically after the procedure has been performed to calibrate it is make it so that your lower jaw stays in the forward position.

This way your airway will stay open all night. The idea is that the more your jaw is pushed forward, the more your airway will open.

This is what makes it so easy to calibrate the device for specific needs. If you tend to have a jaw that stays way back while sleeping, then you will need a procedure that calibrates the device to compensate for this.

If you have an airway that is just small on its own for whatever reason, you need to be able to compensate for this as well. This is why it’s so important to get this done in order to have a good night sleep, to not bother partners while sleeping, and for other medical reasons as well.

Preparing for the Procedure

This isn’t the kind of procedure that really requires a ton of foresight and preparation ahead of time. The important thing is just to make sure that your mouth is clear when the device is being fitted, but this is usually easily accomplished simply by rinsing out your mouth.

Your dentist may have additional instructions for you based on the particular way that he handles the procedure. Devices like this one can also sometimes be used to treat TMJ as an issue as well, though there could also be differences.

Benefits of the Procedure

Not only will you be able to snore less at night, but there are often other benefits to this procedure and device as well.

For example, by opening your airway more at night, you may have a much better and more rejuvenating sleep.

You may be more tired and more bereft of energy than you initially thought so the device could relieve that problem and allow you to breathe better at night and so sleep better overall.

Having an airway that gets blocked at night can also sometimes cause other problems such as making you at higher risk for medical issues via sleep apnea. Getting this device could go a long way to helping you solve these issues as well.

If you suffer from snoring for any reason whatsoever, getting the procedure done and fitting yourself with an anti-snoring device could be one of the more important decisions you make in Santa Clarita, CA (including Valencia and Canyon Country).

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