3 Treatments To Expect During Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

If you’re self-conscious about the color of some of your teeth, you could schedule teeth cleaning appointment with a dentist and restore your sparkling white smile. However, before you make the move, you may want to know some of the options available to you and an insight into what exactly to expect. Below are some of the most common and preferred teeth whitening procedures:

#1. Use of gels and strips

Gels and strips contain low concentration whitening agents in them, and usually, have a short treatment period. Generally, your teeth should be white within the first two or three weeks of using gels and strips.

Gels are applied directly on your teeth using a small brush while strips are carefully placed over the surface and removed after 30 minutes. Either procedure should be repeated on a daily basis for at least one month.

#2. Use of bleaching chemicals

Bleaching agents are arguably the surest and most popular method of whitening stained and discolored teeth. Most of them contain the chemical carbamide peroxide which is friendlier and minimally irritating to the teeth and gum tissues. For agents that contain hydrogen peroxide, a buffer is used to prevent significant corrosion on the enamel.

#3. Use of special toothpaste

When the stains are only on the surface of your teeth such as those caused by coffee drinking and smoking, teeth whitening toothpastes are chosen over bleaching agents. Most of these toothpastes can be purchased over the counter, albeit it would be advisable to check with a dentist first to ensure you are using the right product. Also ensure the toothpaste is certified by the ADA for good measure.

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